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The FIP Young Pharmacists Group

Have you recently graduated from a School of Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences (within the last five years)? Or are you under 35 years of age? And, most importantly, are you interested in connecting with young pharmacists from around the world who are also seeking new networks, professional innovation, friendship and support?

If so, the FIP Young Pharmacists Group is for you!

The Young Pharmacists Group (YPG) was officially established as a network of FIP in 2001, but young pharmacists have been a part of FIP for many years. The aim of YPG is to encourage young pharmacists to get actively involved in international pharmacy and within the sections and organisation of FIP. There are a number of young pharmacists active in FIP’s Boards and sections.  Download the informative brochure here.

When you become an Individual Member of FIP, you automatically become a Member of YPG free of charge if you are under 35 years old or have graduated from your FIRST PHARMACY DEGREE in the last five years. This extensive network is immediately yours to explore and discover! Through online interaction such as the YPG Members Discussion Forum as well as in-person meetings at the FIP Congress, the YPG is your most extensive international network of young pharmacists. 

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YPG is a great way to network with other young pharmacists. All YPG members have something in common: we are young (in age, our careers or both!), we work together and we have innovative ideas. There are many opportunities within FIP and we are here to open the door to the information and new possibilities.

One of the best places to meet and network with other YPG Members is at the annual FIP Congress, held in a different city each year - in 2017 the FIP Congress will take place in Seoul, Republic of Korea! The Congress offers an invaluable opportunity to meet peers, colleagues and friends from all over the world while you partake in a specially designed Congress Program for Young Pharmacists.



The YPG Grant for professional innovation
YPG aims to support young pharmacist members from around the globe who have limited resources for professional organisation involvement or their own research. The YPG Grant for professional innovation consists of € 1000 for the implementation of a project by a young pharmacist/pharmaceutical scientist. Projects can stem from any field of pharmacy (pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical science and/or pharmacy education) but should directly or indirectly benefit or improve health of communities and demonstrate the added-value of pharmacy on health. Pending the acceptance of a project report, the Grant recipient may additionally be awarded a complementary registration, a return APEX airfare and hotel accommodation to attend the 78th FIP congress in Glasgow, UK.

Please click here for the grant application form. Deadline for submission: 1st April 2017

The Mike How Travel award
This award is granted to young pharmacists or pharmacy students who have shown keen interest and passion for Industrial Pharmacy. The award consists of an amount of up to 1000 Euros to be used in support of transport, accommodation, and registration for the annual FIP Congress, free attendance to the IPS workshops at the FIP Congress, where applicable and free attendance to the IPS Section dinner ,all at the 2017 FIP Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

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Please click here for the application form.



YPG members meet formally at a Business Meeting once year at the FIP congress. All YPG members are encouraged not only to attend the Business Meeting, but also to vote for pharmacy future. At the Business Meeting the educational topics and theme for Congress Programming are selected, new initiatives and projects are discussed, and the success of the previous year is shared. Moreover, any qualified YPG member can stand for elections and become leader of the YPG!

More about YPG Steering Committee
Application forms for YPG SC positions

Get involved...

If you would like to find out more about YPG, we welcome you to join our Facebook page, Twitter,  LinkedIn, forum discussions or send us an email. Get connected with over 1000 young pharmacists in over 80 countries worldwide. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about YPG and hear the views of some of our current members. As a member of YPG you can log into the Members Only discussions forum and have access to share information with and ask questions to all other YPG members, and FIP members in the different sections and special interest groups. The Members Only discussion forum is ONLY official email forum/listserv for FIP YPG.