Dissolution and Drug Release Annual Report 2009-2010

Hands-on-Dissolution Workshop

After the successful Hands-on-Dissolution Workshop in Uruguay, which was held in November 2008 and was organized together with FEFAS (Federación Farmacéutica Sudamericana), the SIG plans to conduct another workshop together with FEFAS in Porto Alegre (Brazil) in conjunction with the FEFAS congress 2010 on May, 25th to 26th.

Symposium "Special Dosage Forms: What´s New with In Vitro Drug Release?"

The SIG has organized together with the AAPS a workshop with the title "Special Dosage Forms: What´s New with In Vitro Drug Release?", which took place as a presatellite workshop to the AAPS annual meeting in Los Angeles on November 7-8 2009. The presentations differed from the London meeting in 2008 to bring a broader view on this topic. This two-day workshop presented drug release methodologies to evaluate the product performance for special dosage forms, such as, specialized oral dosage forms (orally disintegrating tablets, buccal, chewable) and non-oral dosage forms (topical, ophthalmic, inhalation, suppositories, stent, liposomes, microsphere, nanoparticle formulations).

The outcome of the symposium in London and the FIP/AAPS workshop in Los Angeles will be summarized in a FIP/AAPS Guideline, updating the FIP/AAPS Guideline "Dissolution/In Vitro Release Testing of Novel/Special Dosage Forms" from 2003. The group started drafting an update of the guideline.
• FIP position paper on Qualification of Paddle and Basket Dissolution Apparatus
The FIP position paper on Qualification of Paddle and Basket Dissolution Apparatus was submitted for publication to several scientific journals. It has been online available in AAPS PharmSciTech since July and was published in Dissolution Technolgies in Dec. 2009.
• FIP Congress in Lisbon 2010
The SIG organizes a symposium with the title: WHY IS DISSOLUTION TESTING STILL NEEDED?
• Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress (PSWC) 2010, New Orleans
The SIG submitted a proposal for a symposium "In-vitro-Release of Novel Dosage Forms", which has been accepted. Speakers have been invited.
• Activities of the SIG:

The SIG continues to meet on a regular basis by teleconference. In addition there is an annual face-to face meeting which continued in 2009. In 2009 the group met twice, in The Hague and in Los Angeles after the workshop on "Special Dosage Forms".