Pharmaceutical Sciences and the FIP Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

FIP has adopted as one of its three main Strategic Objectives to advance the pharmaceutical sciences. This ambitious goal is done through the work of the nine Special Interest Groups (SIGs) led by the Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences which develop projects and initiatives to aid FIP and its Member Organisations truly advance the pharmaceutical sciences on a global level.

All Individual Members are automatically a Member of the SIG (or practice Section) of their choice. Here they are invited and encouraged to interact with peers and colleagues with similar interests from all over the world, both virtually within online discussion forums on the FIP Website and in person at various global meetings, such as the annual FIP World Congress which takes place every year and the Pharmaceutical Science World Congresses (PSWC) which take place every three years.

The next PSWC will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, 22-24 May 2017. The Chair of the PSWC 2017 Scientific Programme Committee is Prof. Meindert Danhof, Past President of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS).


What is a pharmaceutical scientist?

In March 2015 the Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences adopted the following definition of "pharmaceutical scientist":
“A pharmaceutical scientist is a qualified expert in aspects of the science and technology of medical products. This includes but is not limited to the discovery, development, manufacture, regulation, and utilisation of medical products - embracing how medicines work, how safe and effective products are brought to the market, their impact on the body and their effect on the prevention and treatment of disease.”


Special Interest Groups have been formed within the following areas:

Role of the Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS)

The role of this Board is to handle all scientific aspects of FIP's activities. To fulfill this task the BPS has developed a Strategic Plan with a clear mission, namely to establish and maintain itself as the leading forum for representation of pharmaceutical science throughout the world. The main approaches to accomplish this mission are:

  • To enhance recognition of the achievements of pharmaceutical scientists
  • To interact with organisations of health care providers to strengthen their scientific base
  • To encourage high quality in the pharmaceutical sciences
  • To assist in advancing the pharmaceutical sciences in developing countries
  • To sponsor international symposia, conferences and training programs for pharmaceutical scientists
  • To liaise with governmental authorities to establish and to increase financial support or research and development in pharmaceutical sciences
  • To coordinate the advancement for the pharmaceutical sciences worldwide by providing a global network for national and supranational organisations representing pharmaceutical sciences
  • To provide an international platform for interactions amongst pharmaceutical scientists
  • To contribute to public policy issues related to pharmaceutical research - e.g. gene products biologicals, drugs: their discovery, development, production, regulation and rational use
  • To foster the career development of pharmaceutical scientists
  • To identify and nurture emerging areas of science in the pharmaceutical sciences

The BPS is currently developing a new Strategic Plan, to be discussed at the upcoming BPS meeting to be held on 12 September 2017 in Seoul, South-Korea.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

JPharmSciThe Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (JPharmSci), published monthly by Elsevier, is a publication of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and the official journal of the FIP Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is one of the world’s premier journals for research in the pharmaceutical sciences, featuring applications from biotechnology, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry through to the pharmaceutical sciences and technologies. A sample of the journal can be viewed online at

FIP Members are entitled to a $90US discount off the regular subscription rate of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

For information on how to access the journal online and via subscription please click here.

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