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National Young Pharmacists Groups

In the core of the FIP YPG sits the idea of networking between the new/young members of FIP and helping them to get actively involved into the Federation. In the few short years since the YPG was accepted as part of FIP in February 2001, many ideas and plans have been realized, including an annual highly quality education program during the FIP Congress, the FIP showcase, the YPG WEBlogs and the grant for professional innovation and many others. Our network currently includes members from all FIP Sections, including Section Executives, and is represented at the two Boards of the Federation – for Practice and for Sciences. With the success of our initiatives we as a network have proven that although young we have the initiative and the understanding how to generate added value for both the new members of the Federation and the profession as a whole.

Inspired by that development, the Steering Committee of the FIP YPG decided to try to promote the same strategy on national level. We realized that on national level, the acceptance of the young pharmacists in the profession and the national organizations passes trough inspiring them to work together and generate activities. 

Our model of course has to be adapted to the local situation in every single national pharmacists organisaition. The YPG Steering Committee and its public relation coordination intends to help individuals, who are members of their national pharmacists organizations to network in-between and support each other. Then trough their activities and projects they could become better known and eventually grow in their own national organisaition.

Below you'll find the contacts of different national networks or groups including young pharmacists from different countries in the world. For support with establishing a YPG or if you are involved in an existing local or national group, please email

 Please click on the links below for more information on existing national groups:

(If you would like a link to your group's site, please just email us the website address)

These groups are a great example of how young pharmacists can work together to put words into action. If you are considering establishing a national group and would like some support, please contact the YPG Steering Committee.

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