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Academic Pharmacy Section

Annual Report 2016


The FIP Academic Pharmacy Section promotes pharmacy education worldwide and contributes to the development of fruitful activities on teaching methodology, student and faculty exchange programs, and policy development on education and training of pharmacists and pharmacy support staff.

The Academic Section was founded in 1972. Since then all the Presidents have focused on facilitating the exchange of ideas and experience of pedagogic and scientific issues concerned with the teaching of pharmacy and have encouraged members to develop creative concepts and projects in relation to pharmacy education in general.

Each year at the congress, the Section provides interesting symposia, short oral presentations, poster exhibitions and other meetings for its members; this is done in order to offer a platform to study academic questions. The Section also promotes the communication between faculty, students and pharmaceutical professionals in various settings. Interaction and discussion between teachers in pharmacy from all over the world result in learning and friendship and thus a network of teachers to facilitate sharing of ideas between the yearly congresses. The Section also maintains contacts with the student organisations. Good contacts are also maintained with the other FIP Sections and also according to tradition has symposia, which are co-chaired with the other Sections.



Teaching, education and the promotion of life long learning are the cornerstones of future pharmacy - today's students are the leaders in pharmacy of tomorrow. That means that all parties involved in pharmacy education have a great responsibility in developing new approaches and visions with respect to teaching future health professionals. Academic pharmacy has to take a strong position in anticipating the important changes in the world and developing strategies to improve the teaching of pharmacy to benefit the health of all. One of the most important aspects is the development of knowledge and expertise in the academic workforce.

The Academic section of FIP will continue to provide an interactive platform for the exchange and debate on pharmacy education. The section will also strengthen collaboration with other FIP Sections and special interest groups in order to develop cross-links and joint projects.