SIG on Drug Design and Discovery

Chair: Prof. Takuya Kumamoto (Japan)

Vice-Chairs: Prof. Ulrike Holzgrabe (Germany) and Prof. Christopher McCurdy (USA)

SIG Drug Design and Discovery aims to develop pharmaceutical sciences related to medicinal chemistry and to bridge pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists on the viewpoint of drug design and discovery with the following scopes:


(1)   To provide discussion of pharmaceutical science related to medicinal chemistry.

Starting point for the development of new drug is research works in medicinal chemistry.  On working in medicinal chemistry, broad knowledge is necessary on organic chemistry in addition to biochemistry, molecular and structure biology, pharmacology, genetics, toxicology, computer technology, and related disciplines.  In this SIG, participation of pharmaceutical scientists in wide-spread research area is welcome to discuss on drug design and discovery.

In World Congress 2016 at Buenos Aires, “The science and the development of non-addictive opioid receptor agonists” was presented at the session “No more pain! The rise of non-narcotic opioids and medicinal marijuana”


 (2)   To educate pharmacists in research development of drugs discovery.

Process of the discovery of drugs typically involves understanding the character of target organs (enzyme, cell, tissues, etc) related to the disease, setting-up the concept of drug design, providing lead compounds (from traditional medicines, natural products, biological macromolecules, compound library, computational chemistry, etc.), drug design and lead optimization by means of the analysis of structure-activity-relationship.  Deep understanding of this process as well as the mode of action at a molecular level will help pharmacists to choose proper dosage and administration of drugs.

In World Congress 2014 at Bangkok, “Semisynthesis in drug discovery: Introduction” was disseminated at the session “Developing natural materials as medicines”


(3)   To provide information and new findings towards drug discovery dependent on the different background.

Drugs play important roles not only as effective substances for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease but also those to promote “quality of life” to live a social life getting along with disease, which are dependent on the social, cultural, regional, and generation background.  SIG Drug Design and Discovery will indicate up-to-date information and new findings concerning the development of drug discovery dependent on the different background.


 (4)   Collaboration with Working Group on Pharmaceutical and Environment

FIP Joint BPP-BPS WG Pham Enviro was organized to develop a reference document about the environmental issue related the pharmaceuticals.  SIG DDD is involved in this project in the terms of green chemistry. 

In PSWC2017, “Environmental impact of drug manufacturing” and “Pharmaceuticals in surface and ground water: Case in Nigeria” were introduced at the session in “Responsible Supply Chains to Assure Global Health”


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